Richard Branson in U.S. Reality TV Deal - Report
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Richard Branson in U.S. Reality TV Deal - Report
Apr 1, 3:53 AM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - British entrepreneur Richard Branson is following in the footsteps of his similarly colorful American counterpart Donald Trump by securing his own U.S. reality TV series, Hollywood trade Daily Variety reported in its Thursday edition.

Branson, whose closely held Virgin Group owns an airline, a music retailer and a mobile phone company, has joined forces with Rupert Murdoch's Fox network to star in a show where young would-be billionaires compete with each other for his approval, the paper said.

Provisionally titled "Branson's Big Adventure," the show will follow Branson and the contestants on a six-week global tour. He will impart his wisdom and test the youngsters with various dilemmas. He will eliminate one of the contestants each week, leaving them on an airport tarmac as the remaining players set off on their next mission, the paper said.

Daily Variety said Fox executives declined to detail the rules and the final payoff. But they were keen to differentiate the show from Trump's similarly themed "The Apprentice," which has been a big hit for the rival NBC network. ABC is also developing a reality show called "The Benefactor" with Mark Cuban, who made his billions during the dot-com boom.

Fox is a unit of News Corp. Ltd. NBC is a unit of General Electric Co. ABC is a unit of Walt Disney Co.


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